Ga. Tech officer who killed student did not have crisis intervention training

via WSB-TV

ATLANTA – Channel 2 Action News has obtained the background of the Georgia Tech officer who fired the shot that killed student Scout Schultz.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation identified the officer as Tyler Beck. According to his record, Beck did not have crisis intervention training.

GBI Director Vernon Kennan told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that crisis intervention training gives officers skills to recognize someone in psychiatric crisis and deal with it appropriately.

Tyler Beck
Georgia Tech

Keenan said he is limited in what he can say about the fatal shooting of Schulz, because his agency is investigating. But, Kennan said the incident shines a light on whether Tech police should be carrying stun guns and the importance of the potentially lifesaving importance of crisis intervention training.

“It is not going to prevent the use of force in all instances where you’re dealing with someone in psychiatric crisis but an officer at least has skills to rely on,” Keenan said. Winne learned that 22 of the 89 Georgia Tech police officers have received crisis intervention training.


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